My East Bay bike club was invited to join the SF Bicycle Coalition in this year’s parade. As you can tell from these shots before the march, the SF Bicycle Coalition is a subsidiary of the Society for the Preservation of Anarchy.



People commented that this was the one day in the year when we were *not* encouraged to report any unusual activity to the authorities.

Here is the woman just behind me in the parade:


And here is her bike:


She had three monkey lights in front and three in back, all lavender, their movement synchronized as on a theater marquee. (There were also bubbles blowing out the rear of the bike.) I had planned to run my own monkey light but forgot to bring batteries–lucky thing, as I would have been shown up royally by Ms. Lavender Lights and Bubbles.

Here’s my bike. Pretty festive if you ignore the scars of 40 years.


Half an hour after the parade was to begin, we were signed in and sent on our exhilarating way.


We were placed near the beginning of the parade, in fact just after Dykes on Bikes, but not so close as to catch their exhaust or foul language.

That meant that at the end we could enjoy the rest of the parade, which included Nancy Pelosi and a few cars behind her Gavin Newsom. The rest, I’ll leave to your imagination.

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