Celebrating Four Birthdays, April 2012

Daniel, Jesse, Susan, and I have birthdays falling within a 2-month period, and this year we
celebrated all four together, condensing the fun into one afternoon, followed by a concert with violinist Joshua Bell in San Francisco. The concert is one reason almost everyone below is dressed to the nines.

Martha got Daniel a fish aquarium for his birthday, and judging from the heft, it must have come pre-filled with water.

Susan brought a turkey pot pie a dozen strawberry meringues. These were preceded by a rice and veggie salad by Jesse and me and followed with Martha’s Caesar salad, from a recipe dating back at least to her restaurant chef days if not to ancient Rome.

Next to Martha, and working equally intently, is Susan’s friend Linda, who served as my proxy at the evening concert. To their left are my crutches, which begins to explain why a proxy was needed.

I had badly strained my upper right leg a few days before. Martha took me to the doctor’s, and before we got back we found ourselves for a short time in an ambulance, the emergency room, and (in my case) a wheelchair. It wasn’t nearly as bad as that makes it sound, but it was pretty bad. Still, by party time I was feeling just as festive as the rest of them.

No Leben-Wolf party would be complete without bubbly, or without Daniel, who took time out from his calculations to celebrate with us.

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