Sunday afternoon with Mary, Max, Ivan, and Paul

Cousins Max and Mary dropped on Sunday after two 3-hour workshop sessions with Ivan and Paul. Susan, Martha, and Jesse came by to enjoy the company and to help prepare a feast.

Above, I lay out Parmesan polenta sticks for the broiler while Susan measures brandy.  At left, Susan mixes the batter for corn fritters.  Martha brought chicken legs.   

















Above, Susan takes a break to sample a Thai sesame noodle while Martha (right) gets up the courage to slice the tuna confit. Jesse (not shown because she was holding the camera and the rest of us were too preoccupied with food) stuffed mussels with bread crumbs, while Martha’s tuna slicing makes for a stunning presentation.

But for sheer sensual beauty, Susan’s galette de pommes is what really took the cake, if you will excuse the pun.

Enter Paul (left) and Ivan (right), showing the LED units they had just made at their workshop, followed soon by their parents.






In other words, the feast was ready to begin, aided by drinks and chocolate cake brought by Max & Mary.






After dinner I brought out my bike to show off its Monkey Lights,  a present from Martha. After Susan’s dessert, these were probably the most visually compelling item of the day.







In fairness, the light show did get some competition from the sunset. In the center is the Oakland portion of the Bay Bridge, now under construction.

That being a tough show to follow, the guests dispersed. I’m eager to see what the next visit will bring!

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