Circumnavigating Alameda by bike with Jesse, August 2011

Alameda is a little island in the Bay just off the shores of Oakland. (It is said the the snow cone and the kewpie doll were first introduced there. Currently nothing so exciting as that happens on Alameda.) One beautiful Saturday Jesse and I decided to bike the circumference–maybe 10 miles total. The views of San Francisco and the Peninsula across the bay were striking enough to get us off our bikes several times.

Thanks to the passer-by who was too polite to decline the request to take a shot of both of us.


At the far eastern end of the island is an abandoned Naval Air Station. We went in search of old shipwrecks and old navy dreck, and while there were vast expanses of concrete–including abandoned airstrips–most of the buildings seemed occupied.


The most impressive repurposed building was the Bladium, a very large (2 acres!) indoor athletic-type club for kids with blades and well-off parents. There was also a basketball court, indoor soccer “field,” and (our cousins the Stayner kids, take notice) a vast climbing wall.

We also passed by the Alameda Naval Air Museum, with a highly irresistible anchor in front.

From there the original plan would have taken us along the east side of the island, the side that abuts Oakland.

But instead we went back the way we came–the scenic route–and met Martha for lunch at the Alameda location of Burma Superstar, where the food was transcendent–or was it just the appetites we had built up?

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