Nancy, Rich, and Kelsey’s San Francisco vacation, July 2011

My niece Nancy, whom I hadn’t seen in ten years, came out with her family, Rich and Kelsey, for a week’s visit to San Francisco. I met them on their arrival at the airport and spent the day walking around with them.

We covered a lot of ground, I thought, from their hotel, at the foot of Taylor Street, all the way up Nob Hill and down to where it ends at Fisherman’s Wharf. (Since that trek, I’ve taken to calling the hill Nob Mountain and may require a few Sherpas for the next ascent.)

As it turned out, on the following four days they covered much more ground–the entire city plus Muir Woods plus Sonoma, so it’s lucky for them I was only there on the first day to slow them down. (Did I mention they also spent a morning on Alcatraz?)

From Fisherman’s Wharf we took the trolley back to their hotel and then on to my place in Emeryville for dinner with Jesse and Daniel.

We started with drinks and cheese.

The items at the bottom center in the photo above are dates with the pits replaced by cheese and with bacon wrapped around them and baked. They’re controlled by the Hazardous Substances Act, and guests have to sign a waiver. For a moment, Nancy (right) seemed to go into decline (right), but she quickly sprang back.

Dinner was chili and quesadillas. I had to disguise the quesadillas with toppings because I had attempted making the tortillas by hand and they were really ugly.

For dessert there was fruit salad and grapefruit sorbet, plus laughter and funny stories.

How nice to all feel so much like family, even though most of us had seen one another only a few times before. The chances for getting together again in the future look very good indeed!

Here are a few shots Kelsey, Nancy, and Rich took in San Francisco and in Muir Woods.


On our visitors’ last night, Jesse, Daniel, and I joined Nancy, Rich, and Kelsey for dinner at The House, my favorite restaurant in San Francisco.

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1 Response to Nancy, Rich, and Kelsey’s San Francisco vacation, July 2011

  1. Mike Gende says:

    “For a moment, Nancy (right) seemed to go into decline, but she quickly sprang back.” Her momentary posture here looks remarkably like me at gigs in the early morning. Just hang a guitar around her neck or insert a fiddle under her chin. I used to be pretty chipper all night long; something must be happening (like birthdays).

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