Father’s Day at Will’s

Yesterday Daniel, Jesse, and Susan came and fixed–crafted–a memorable Father’s Day meal. The first step–making the pasta– was the most delicate and so was entrusted to Daniel. He combined flour & eggs into balls and flattened them into long sheets in the pasta machine.

Dan and Jesse then cut the lengths into noodles.

These were then hung from authentic pasta-hanging rods not so much to dry as to keep them from tangling into knots.

The next step was the cooking, which for some reason took two of us.

Meanwhile Jesse whipped up a salad dressing. The full meal was ready in  instants and was consumed about as quickly.

Dessert chef Susan made rum-raisin ice cream, butterscotch sauce, and amaretti–almond macaroons.

Any one of these would have been a treat, but together they inspired awe–a most satisfied, restful kind of awe.

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