Mother’s Day at Susan’s 2011

The five of us got together at Susan’s for Mother’s Day. The day started with a meal, which began with champagne, poured by Daniel, and juice, poured by Jesse. That’s Martha in the background and a plate of heavenly Trader Joe’s uncured bacon in the foreground.

Most of the food was prepared by Susan. From left to right, artichokes, homemade scones (Susan’s secret non-recipe), condiments, and an egg and vegetable torta.

Thanks to the fast speed of my camera, the torta was caught before it disappeared, but only barely so.

This was a tough act to follow, but the chef followed up with the fixings for dessert: tutti frutti ice cream puffs.

Thanks again to the lightning shutter speed, we have before and after shots of the dessert itself:

After the meal we went to Werner Herzog’s latest movie – “Cave of Forgotten Dreams,” highly recommended.

The subject of popcorn did not come up, but once back from the movie we (some of us) ended the day with an after-party of leftovers from the meal we had eaten only a short while before.

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