Birthdays, April 16, 2011

Four of us have birthdays within 8 weeks of each other, which can and does make for a lot of partying.  The biggest party of the season (so far) took place on a beautiful spring Saturday. It began with a meal.

In the foreground is Susan’s baby artichoke & green bean salad.  At the very top are my two cornbread dishes stuffed with spinach, lentils, octopus, feta. Both were a great hit, healthy though they mostly were. The dishes in the middle (a collaborative effort–I gave the orders and Jesse followed)  made no health claims yet still earned a healthy welcome–bacon, banana beignets, and oatmeal & apple pancakes.

Martha brought a fantastic and very shapely salad and my brother sent a potica–ordered from Colorado where he seems to have discovered a Slovenian diaspora.

The potica was delicious but also highly photogenic, as this more intimate view reveals.

All in all, a very fine meal–so much to choose from that some of us may have found it hard to decide where to begin.

At some point there was also a toast to everyone’s birthday,  presents, hugs, a walk, a nap, more hugs, and–I wouldn’t believe it had I not seen it with my own eyes–ice cream. Fabulous day!

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