Mendocino at the end of 2010

For three days between Christmas and New Year’s we rented a 1930’s house on the ocean in Mendocino. The town dates back to the 1850’s and is California’s only coastal town designated as a historical landmark. Mendocino was the site of California’s first lumber mills, a demand created by a building boom in Gold Rush era San Francisco, 150 miles to the south. On the way from San Francisco to Mendocino are still miles and miles of stately redwoods. A more recent introduction is even more miles of vineyards.

Our house had five bedrooms, high ceilings, enormous redwood beams,  redwood paneling, and a name, Crane Dance. It felt like a lodge. The front yard ended at a cliff overlooking the ocean. The place and the setting were so magnificent, no one complained about the fact that it rained for two of our three days.

Here are a few shots of the outside and inside. You can enlarge many of these by double-clicking. The first two were taken from the front yard (left) and from the entry way (right):

The next two show the living room and the kitchen & dining room:

If you hang around IKEA, you may recognize the bright ball Daniel suspended next to the fireplace–a nice substitute for a Christmas tree.

A great deal of time was devoted to exploring the indoors and the views:

Here are a couple of shots of bedrooms:

The African wax print bed covering under me was a gift from Jesse.

Below on the right, Daniel’s room, without Daniel. You can’t see it here, but out his window there’s a lighthouse 2 miles away that blinked every 10 seconds, keeping Dan awake. Which may be why we got so many shots of him sleeping in the daytime.

On the left you see Point Cabrillo lighthouse with the blinking light–the blink captured thanks to my lightning-speed index finger and several dozen digital shots.

Jesse jogged to the lighthouse on two rainy mornings. No one was able to keep up with her long enough to take a picture, but her wet clothes were a convincing sign that she made it all the way.

A few sunset shots from Daniel’s phone camera:

The rocks were enough to keep anyone from diving off the cliff:

On the one sunny day, we picnicked at and walked through the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, a huge plot of land on the ocean. In bloom were camellias, so laden with flowers that no one dared to photograph them for fear of disturbing their delicate balance. We did get shots of trumpet vines (left) and wild mushrooms (right):

the camellias, and wild mushrooms.



Along one of the main paths was a gate made of sticks at which we cavorted.

A few more shots give a fuller picture. 

Susan’s excellent surprise shot of Martha in the gardens:

Here we are just after lunch, standing at the edge of a cliff, hanging onto one another for dear life.

From here we went a couple of miles north to Fort Bragg, a former logging town that is still host to some small-time milling and fishing, and still redolent of old California. Susan’s in the foreground, and in the background are some old Santas setting a spell after a busy Christmas.

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