Will and Jesse Bike from Oakland to Richmond (and Back)

Jesse had Thanksgiving week off and was looking for things to do. Will is always looking for things to do. The weather was good, so we decided to bike a new section of the Bay Trail.

Starting from Oakland's Jack London Square, we passed the Port of Oakland, Mandela Parkway (which replaces the Cypress structure that disastrously failed in the 1989 quake), Emeryville, Berkeley, Albany, Point Isabel, up to the far side of Richmond's Marina Bay.

(Incidentally, Point Isabel is the largest off-leash dog park in the U.S. We didn't realize this until we got there. Luckily, the dogs were having such fun scurrying around they didn't really notice us.)

On this map, our route took us along San Francisco Bay from halfway down the map (5-6B) up to almost the top (1A-2B), a distance of a little over 15 miles. Lunch at the Boiler House (a new restaurant in the boiler room of Richmond's old Ford factory) provided fuel for the return trip. Had it not been for the sweet potato fries, Will may not have made it.

Here we are in Richmond just after lunch. In the photo below, downtown Oakland is just behind Jesse's head to the right. Tiny, isn't it?

On the way back Will applied his shortcut skills, but to little avail. We may have saved a few tenths of a mile by avoiding the point of Point Isabel. We thereby also avoided those packs of loose dogs.

                                                                             We had a forced layover in Berkeley–Will really needed the break, and the well-stocked refreshment stand at the entrance to the Berkeley marina provided a good excuse to stop.

The round trip took about three hours, not counting the breaks. If you count the breaks, multiply by 2.

A great trip! We both look forward to doing it again, and we invite you to join us next time!

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2 Responses to Will and Jesse Bike from Oakland to Richmond (and Back)

  1. Will Leben says:

    It was a wonderful ride and a wonderful way to see the bay. Given the docks, oil refineries, horse racing parks, and all, it's amazing how pristine some of the trail is (or looks).

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