Visit to Mission Dolores, July 5, 2009

Jesse stayed over on the night of July Fourth, and on Sunday the 5th we headed to lunch and an afternoon show in San Francisco's Mission District. We had an extra hour to kill, so we stopped by Mission Dolores, which Jesse had never seen. We found so much that we ran out of time for lunch and scarfed down some sushi takeout that we picked up on the way to the show.

Mission Dolores, completed in 1791, bills itself as the oldest of Junipero Serra's intact missions. Here we're in the cemetery yard of the mission. Note the almost-African paillotte.

Jesse, possibly looking beatific, stands in front of the main altar, crafted in Mexico in 1796. We didn't phootgraph the ceiling, but it's the original redwood logs, painted, and held in place with rawhide.

Below, I'm standing at the baptismal font. Behold the ceiling design. Baptisms were being performed as we came in, and we waited till two groups left before posing these photos.

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